We would like to share with you a sampling of customer reviews, testimonials & feedback that we've received from inventors who've worked with us.

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    Charlene B

    Winfield, IL

    My consultant was very easy to talk to, honest, and up front about the experience as a whole. I also appreciated that he used everyday language to explain things, not technical terms that I wouldn't be able to understand.

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    Alfred G

    Pine Bush, NY

    I'm so happy I found your company to direct me the correct way to the goal of my dreams.

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    Shannon and Glenda H

    Hayward, CA

    We have already referred your company to a number of friends looking to promote a new idea.

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    Joey U

    Lawton, OK

    Your company has helped me tremendously in further understanding the patent process.

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    Charles S

    Cheyenne, WY

    Very pleasant and knowledgable people to deal with. I am very pleased with everything they have done for me.

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    Leola C

    Philadelphia, PA

    Great Program.

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    Marleen A

    Gainsville, FL

    I am very satisfied with everything. I am a little nervous and hope it will all work out well. I feel it will.

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    Edward N

    Galt, CA

    Very informative and I plan to use them on more of my ideas

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    Danny B

    Vermontville, NY

    It's been exciting and overwhelming at times, but your people have been very patient and understanding, and knowledgable.

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    Ericka P

    Newport News, VA

    I love working with them they tell you everything you need to know.

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    Cynthia L

    Panama City, FL

    Great and easy to work with.

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    Amelia G

    Burlingame, CA

    I would recommend this company to anyone looking for this type of assistance. They have been clear and straight forward about all information.

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    Adrian D

    Grand Bay, AL

    Good so far! We hope our idea benefits both parties.

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    Betty L

    Uvalde, GA

    I have been very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with a very professional and friendly company. I would highly recommend to all new inventors.

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    Baaba A

    Youngtown, AZ

    For a new inventor it was very easy for me to work with your company. I like the professionalism and care toward my invention and ideas

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    James B

    Sparrows Point, MD

    Just keep doing what you are doing, as far as I can see. I am dealing with Marcus Grant & Marcus has been nothing but handling in a professional manor. Thank You thus far. Jim B.

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